Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Where did the last 2 months go?

so....the retirement step is still an issue... can't seem to decide who I am.  I have had a mission(s) my whole life and to suddenly be without is just plain weird. I need to get to a place where I can be happy with just being me. Jean. :-)

I probably should go back to work because I am madly spending money trying to do nothing!  I have taken up making hand made greeting cards and for a person who hardly ever sends one, that is really desperate.  Turns out that I like it. Turning a piece of paper into a meaningful message is quite satisfying.  Some day I will post a couple of pictures...or you can go to Queen B's. They let me put a rack of them in their shop and a couple of people actually bought some. go figure...   :-)

I got the first item checked off my bucket list!  I did! I did! I really did....NOT by myself though.  Brother Robert and sis-in-law Julia worked their butts off for a whole week. I have been wanting to clear out the land between our house and this magnificent oak tree since we built our home in 1980.  For 31 years I have looked at that treetop- you couldn't walk to it because of the under growth. Wow...isn't it just beautiful?  I am still working...turns out the grandsons like earning $$ helping me.
I feel like such a big girl now....I can drive a tractor and have my own chain saw.  Wahoo! just like my mom.  :-)  she is probably thinking 'bout damn time!

Turns out that even though I was a girl scout and a camp fire girl leader I don't know what poisen ivy looks like...or poisen oak....or poisen sumac... I can tell you what it looks like when you break out with it! anyway.... 4 weeks of steroids and drugs and its almost all gone.... might be a safer place after all!

After Christmas Fun ....already?

so.... i am trying to catch up on my blogging...not going so well...
Keegan (age 12) and Aiden (age 8) are watching TV with me in our king-size bed along along with my maltese, Fonzy and his friend Miss T[a shih zu] puppy. We are baby-sitting her today.  Every once in a w hile all four of them seem to find some reason to go under the covers and chase each other...needless to say - I am hanging on to my laptop with a death grip... oh yeah... Kung Fu Panda is blaring on the TV!

Something I wanted to share... I ran in to an old friend a couple weeks ago and we got to chatting.  She has gone through some changes in her life the last couple of years and has successfully reached the 'adjusted well' status.  As I am still in this who the hell am I and where did Jean go stage of my life, she was a real inspiration to me.  Finding her was like grabbing on to a life raft.  I hope that some time I will  be able to help her in return.  any way.... she invited me to her new church's Christmas Eve service.  I have to say that the Christmas Celebration that evening was absolutely the most beautiful and sincere service I have ever been a part of. My sister-in-law went with me and she was just as touched.  Thank you Miss J!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Fun Time in the Mountains!

so....I was planning on blogging while I was up there to give ya'll a running commentary.  No such luck! Every minute was busy. I got to 'babysit' with Foster, Sego, and Flint for a couple of days while Tish worked.  Talk about fun!
Foster... here is a perfect example of the kind of man he will become.  I drove him to his swimming lessons and on the way I stopped for gas.  Before I had gotten completely out of the car he was out and using the windshield washer thingee to clean the side of my car...couldn't reach the windshield of course.  By the time I was finished he was back in the car and buckled up.  Never said a word about helping me.  Just did it.  Wow!
Sego... what can I say? Blue eyes and a head full of curly curly hair....thinks she is in charge and is most of the time...dances by moving her shoulders up and down and swinging her hips.  When she runs, and she does run fast, she twists and dances all the way down the street!
Flint... a mischievous child if there ever was  one...lets sister push him around up to a point and when he reaches that! Bonks her on the head while looking at you and smiling. He is one great hugger while being a bit mysterious.  He makes me wonder about what he is actually thinking. With that head full of curls I admit that I let him get away with whatever!
I love those few moments when the twins 'talk' to each other. It is so special... I tried to be careful not to interrupt them.
I have to admit that the trip up there made me more aware of needing to get healthy.  The elevation got to me this time.  I had a couple of days of altitude sickness which was really maddening.
Charles' birthday rolled around while I was up there so we all called him after dinner. Tony says Happy Birthday. Tish says Happy Birthday. I say Happy Birthday. Foster says Happy Birthday. Then, believe it or not, Flint says Birthday and Sego finishes up with Happy! We were so excited...thank goodness Charles saved the message.  Now I need to figure out how to get it off the phone!

You should see the kids when they get around the horses.  Foster was born to be a true cowboy.   He showed me how to 'round' up the horses while we were on a four wheeler and on another day I got to watch him round up some cattle all on his own.  He has a true friendship with his horse Striker.  I tried not to worry when he was running him flat out across the meadow but I swear I could see air between his bottom and his saddle. Sego and Flint become hyper when Tony and Tish start saddling up the horses.  They want to ride!
I will post some pics.  Dont know when I will get to go back but I can't wait. 
In the meantime I will work on not eating junk food and drinking water.  ugh

Who is in charge?

Foster just taking off on a mission!
Bedtime. We made it!
Just a normal day.
Mornings are a riot!
Each day ends with a ride in the meadows. kind of horse!

Always with a smile!

 so sweet!

Love their momma!


Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Too Far Away

So....I get to go on another road trip!
As soon as we know Aiden is back to normal I am hitting the road for Colorado. I am sure that those three grandbabies up there need a little gramme' time.  Well, I need a little kid time with them.

I love to get phone calls from Foster. He is such a gentleman already. Everytime I have contact with him I know that someday he will be the governor of Colorado and then on to D.C.  He is one unique child...little man!
I am going to try to attach a picture of him and his Colorado Grandpa.  They did the opening of a rodeo. Usually Tish does it.  This is classic of the term... "generation after generation"

Tuesday, October 4, 2011


So...we are home.  Again. Aiden has a little drain bag but he handles it just fine.  It should come out this Friday.
Carrie is but a shadow of herself. This has been a difficult ride and will continue to be for awhile.
She has also been a trooper.  I worry for the other three.  Madalyn has had a serious bout with migraines. Keegan is his usual smiling self...waiting at the end of the line.  Kade is just everything and everyone.  I don't know if that is his age or his situation.  I worry about all 5 of them.

I once told mom that I was just fine and quit worrying about me because I was a big girl now.  That was last year.

I get it mom.  A mother CAN'T quit worrying.
I miss you.  I know you could make this all better.
later :-( 

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Update on Aiden - slight set back

Well shortly after they pulled out his abdominal drain last Thursday, he developed a fever from some infection so back to Hamilton's ER and then another ambulance ride to Providence hospital in Waco...quick minor surgery to implant another drain and more IV antibotics.

The first time Aiden was a model patient. This time he is wise. He knows what blood tests and IV's and barium mean. He knows about surgery and the sore throat he will have after.  He did not go peacefully into the ER.  As Carrie says, first time through it all he was Dr Jeckyl...this time everyone is dealing with Mr. Hyde.
O my...he has NOT been a happy camper.
Charles convinced me to just get a hotel rather than driving back and forth.  I am glad I did.  Its not nearly so stressful and there is something about building a nest that we stanley's like! Well truthfully its the McDonalds coffee that I love the most!
Tomorrow is Monday and we are hoping for good news.
 so later...

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

I changed my blog name

so... I have been trying to figure out a name for my blog that better fits my personality.
I have heard this phrase many times over the years...I even have a sweatshirt from back in the 80's that says Warning - Runs With Scissors.

Actually, to be perfectly honest, I have my kindergarten report card dated May 30, 1956. In the space entitled Needs Improvement there is a great big X with a short note... runs with scissors! I remember asking my mom what that meant and she'll understand later.

I guess its later now. haha I get it mom!