Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Where did the last 2 months go?

so....the retirement step is still an issue... can't seem to decide who I am.  I have had a mission(s) my whole life and to suddenly be without is just plain weird. I need to get to a place where I can be happy with just being me. Jean. :-)

I probably should go back to work because I am madly spending money trying to do nothing!  I have taken up making hand made greeting cards and for a person who hardly ever sends one, that is really desperate.  Turns out that I like it. Turning a piece of paper into a meaningful message is quite satisfying.  Some day I will post a couple of pictures...or you can go to Queen B's. They let me put a rack of them in their shop and a couple of people actually bought some. go figure...   :-)

I got the first item checked off my bucket list!  I did! I did! I really did....NOT by myself though.  Brother Robert and sis-in-law Julia worked their butts off for a whole week. I have been wanting to clear out the land between our house and this magnificent oak tree since we built our home in 1980.  For 31 years I have looked at that treetop- you couldn't walk to it because of the under growth. Wow...isn't it just beautiful?  I am still working...turns out the grandsons like earning $$ helping me.
I feel like such a big girl now....I can drive a tractor and have my own chain saw.  Wahoo! just like my mom.  :-)  she is probably thinking 'bout damn time!

Turns out that even though I was a girl scout and a camp fire girl leader I don't know what poisen ivy looks like...or poisen oak....or poisen sumac... I can tell you what it looks like when you break out with it! anyway.... 4 weeks of steroids and drugs and its almost all gone.... might be a safer place after all!

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