Wednesday, December 28, 2011

After Christmas Fun ....already?

so.... i am trying to catch up on my blogging...not going so well...
Keegan (age 12) and Aiden (age 8) are watching TV with me in our king-size bed along along with my maltese, Fonzy and his friend Miss T[a shih zu] puppy. We are baby-sitting her today.  Every once in a w hile all four of them seem to find some reason to go under the covers and chase each other...needless to say - I am hanging on to my laptop with a death grip... oh yeah... Kung Fu Panda is blaring on the TV!

Something I wanted to share... I ran in to an old friend a couple weeks ago and we got to chatting.  She has gone through some changes in her life the last couple of years and has successfully reached the 'adjusted well' status.  As I am still in this who the hell am I and where did Jean go stage of my life, she was a real inspiration to me.  Finding her was like grabbing on to a life raft.  I hope that some time I will  be able to help her in return.  any way.... she invited me to her new church's Christmas Eve service.  I have to say that the Christmas Celebration that evening was absolutely the most beautiful and sincere service I have ever been a part of. My sister-in-law went with me and she was just as touched.  Thank you Miss J!

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  1. You are very welcome. It was a pleasure to have you and Julie. It is funny how old friends can become NEW friends isn't it? Kinda weird! Love your tree story and it IS a beauty! see ya soon! Miss J