Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Fun Time in the Mountains!

so....I was planning on blogging while I was up there to give ya'll a running commentary.  No such luck! Every minute was busy. I got to 'babysit' with Foster, Sego, and Flint for a couple of days while Tish worked.  Talk about fun!
Foster... here is a perfect example of the kind of man he will become.  I drove him to his swimming lessons and on the way I stopped for gas.  Before I had gotten completely out of the car he was out and using the windshield washer thingee to clean the side of my car...couldn't reach the windshield of course.  By the time I was finished he was back in the car and buckled up.  Never said a word about helping me.  Just did it.  Wow!
Sego... what can I say? Blue eyes and a head full of curly curly hair....thinks she is in charge and is most of the time...dances by moving her shoulders up and down and swinging her hips.  When she runs, and she does run fast, she twists and dances all the way down the street!
Flint... a mischievous child if there ever was  one...lets sister push him around up to a point and when he reaches that! Bonks her on the head while looking at you and smiling. He is one great hugger while being a bit mysterious.  He makes me wonder about what he is actually thinking. With that head full of curls I admit that I let him get away with whatever!
I love those few moments when the twins 'talk' to each other. It is so special... I tried to be careful not to interrupt them.
I have to admit that the trip up there made me more aware of needing to get healthy.  The elevation got to me this time.  I had a couple of days of altitude sickness which was really maddening.
Charles' birthday rolled around while I was up there so we all called him after dinner. Tony says Happy Birthday. Tish says Happy Birthday. I say Happy Birthday. Foster says Happy Birthday. Then, believe it or not, Flint says Birthday and Sego finishes up with Happy! We were so excited...thank goodness Charles saved the message.  Now I need to figure out how to get it off the phone!

You should see the kids when they get around the horses.  Foster was born to be a true cowboy.   He showed me how to 'round' up the horses while we were on a four wheeler and on another day I got to watch him round up some cattle all on his own.  He has a true friendship with his horse Striker.  I tried not to worry when he was running him flat out across the meadow but I swear I could see air between his bottom and his saddle. Sego and Flint become hyper when Tony and Tish start saddling up the horses.  They want to ride!
I will post some pics.  Dont know when I will get to go back but I can't wait. 
In the meantime I will work on not eating junk food and drinking water.  ugh

Who is in charge?

Foster just taking off on a mission!
Bedtime. We made it!
Just a normal day.
Mornings are a riot!
Each day ends with a ride in the meadows. kind of horse!

Always with a smile!

 so sweet!

Love their momma!


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  1. yikes! My pictures are huge so I will try to figure out how to make them smaller before I post some riding pics.