Tuesday, October 4, 2011


So...we are home.  Again. Aiden has a little drain bag but he handles it just fine.  It should come out this Friday.
Carrie is but a shadow of herself. This has been a difficult ride and will continue to be for awhile.
She has also been a trooper.  I worry for the other three.  Madalyn has had a serious bout with migraines. Keegan is his usual smiling self...waiting at the end of the line.  Kade is just mad...at everything and everyone.  I don't know if that is his age or his situation.  I worry about all 5 of them.

I once told mom that I was just fine and quit worrying about me because I was a big girl now.  That was last year.

I get it mom.  A mother CAN'T quit worrying.
I miss you.  I know you could make this all better.
later :-( 

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