Sunday, October 2, 2011

Update on Aiden - slight set back

Well shortly after they pulled out his abdominal drain last Thursday, he developed a fever from some infection so back to Hamilton's ER and then another ambulance ride to Providence hospital in Waco...quick minor surgery to implant another drain and more IV antibotics.

The first time Aiden was a model patient. This time he is wise. He knows what blood tests and IV's and barium mean. He knows about surgery and the sore throat he will have after.  He did not go peacefully into the ER.  As Carrie says, first time through it all he was Dr Jeckyl...this time everyone is dealing with Mr. Hyde.
O my...he has NOT been a happy camper.
Charles convinced me to just get a hotel rather than driving back and forth.  I am glad I did.  Its not nearly so stressful and there is something about building a nest that we stanley's like! Well truthfully its the McDonalds coffee that I love the most!
Tomorrow is Monday and we are hoping for good news.
 so later...

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