Wednesday, September 28, 2011


orignially posted 9/13/11

so I'm really excited.
We got a new washer and dryer installed yesterday. They are red. (the red ones were almost $500 cheaper than the grey or white ones....) I know why now. Every time I open the laundry closet my heart skips a beat..they are REALLY red and shiny! I mean really, really slut red.
I was thinking it would help me. When we built our house, I asked for red kitchen countertops. You see I have had a couple of kitchen fires in my life and was thinking that the red would perk me up and keep me paying attention. That proved to be invalid since I have had a couple more fires (or other catastrophies) since them. It is safe to say that me and kitchens do not get along!

Well, back to the laundry closet. We have no white clothes or anything. Either I cause them to take on a new color (dull brown) or our dirty water does it. I am hoping that having red appliances will keep me more alert and remind me to use a color catcher thingee. I still have not turned them on yet because I made sure all my laundry and ironing was complete and up to date... damn. I have even read the manuals twice so I would know what to do and how to do it. I am seriously considering yanking some sheets off of a bed just so I have something to wash and steam dry.

its sad how my life has changed...sitting here staring at a washer and dryer. D.A.

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