Wednesday, September 28, 2011

What happened to August?

orignially posted 9/22/11

The last couple of months have been really busy...Charles fell and broke 2-3 ribs..self diagnosed because he won't go to the doctor. Don't waste too much sympathy tho... he fell on the first day of the fishing trip but didn't come home until they had the best 3-4 days of successful fishing...welll give hime some sympathy because he never ever complains about pain... not like me for sure. I have actually been cooking meals for him....not to fires!

So school started without me. dammit! I am not even missed :-( I planned on being on an out of state trip or being really involved in something else but that did not work out. I ended up with 2 weeks of bed rest due to a bad infection in my bad leg...just like a damn old person watching the clock and hoping for something...shit...shit...shit...

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