Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Ruptured Appendix - Oh My!

originally posted 9/22/11
Carrie's fourth child, Aiden Kyle, is (was) a whopping 42.4 pounds of 2nd grader last week. Now after a 70 mile ambulance ride to the nearest hospital, midnight surgery for a ruptured appendix, 5 days in the hospital, and a really long abdominal drain tube for another week, he is but a shadow of himself.
He was a real trooper through all the obstacles...although there was a moment when he heard the surgeon's words, "cut it out" that he freaked! [along with his mom and dad!]
Any way, all is almost well.. the doctor got the abdominal cavity all cleaned out and there is no fever. I have been tasked with 'babysitting' him until they remove the drain and he can return to school. Even through the bandages, he has been great and aren't I the luckiest person in the world!!!
It is good to be able to help Carrie with the kids. A normal day is a struggle so you can imagine what this has done.
Everyone looks like they need a good long 24 hour extra nap...including sister and 2 brothers, Great Aunt and Uncle, Robert and Julia, Granddaddy, me, and of course Carrie. She has gone from driving a team of six white horses to riding shotgun on a runaway stagecoach..  well sort of.. you get the drift!

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